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Nyhetsbrev februari

Här kan ni ladda ner vårt nya nyhetsbrev. Tryck bara på rubriken ovan så kommer det upp.

Vill ni ha det direkt i er mejlbox? Skicka oss ett mejl på eller använd kontakt-sidan, så lägger vi till er på sändlistan.

Göran & Margitha

Pop Up-Store i Visby i december!


I december kör vi en Pop Up-butik på Adelsgatan 28. Vi kör under perioden 3-30 december och har öppet följande tider:

Onsdag-Fredag 12-18
Lördag-Söndag 11-15

Vi kan även ha öppet andra tider – Kolla här och på Facebook!

Göran & Margitha

Autumn trip to Denmark


The last days in October we went to Denmark in order for to scan the retro market and to purchase whatever we found suitable. The trip went to Fyn, the island between Zealand and Jutland where we took up residence in Odense. Roaming the countryside we found some very nice purchase spots that we most certainly will return to.

One reflection was that many of the large merchants only are open by appointment. Their main trade today is over the Internet shipping containers to the US, Japan and Australia. One popular feature then is to open up their enormous whare houses once a month. Unfortunately we missed this feature with one week but I guess the places are packed then.

We finished our stay in Denmark in one of our favorite spots, Louisiana, and a fantastic exhibition of Louise Bourgeois´ art.

On our way home we also paid a visit to the Antique Fair in Borås where we had the opportunity to chat with some of our colleagues around the country.