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Säsongsöppning av vårt nya showroom 14 maj

Showroom2 11 maj
På torsdag klockan 12 slår vi upp dörrarna till vårt nya showroom i Fröjel. Massor av nya gamla saker så gör en utflykt i helgen eller passa på när ni ändå är ute på konstrunda. Välkomna!

On Thursday we will open our new showroom in Fröjel. Lots of new old stuff! Welcome!!

Finn Juhl´s House in Ordrupgaard

Vitrin FJ FJ3

In april we took the van and drove to Copenhagen to pick up some purchases. In Copenhagen we took advantage of the opportunity and visited Finn Juhl´s fantastic house in Ordrupgaard, just north of Copenhagen. We were especially interested in details and solutions looking for inspiration for our new showroom that we will start building during the autumn. There were three details that really caught our attention. At first it was one of the gates leading in towards the house from the garden. A very simple home-made thing but in its simplicity really nice.

Secondly there was the site built vitrine between the two levels of the house. With the vitrine you get the effect of a wall separating the two different parts of the house but since it is transparent it will also let the light and vision come through the house. Also the details that they used armored glass for the shelves and the custom made lights on the dining area side of the vitrine were fabulous.

Thirdly there was the brick carpet in front of the open fire in the hallway. It is not uncommon with bricks in front of an open fire, but they way these bricks were stretched out into the room you got the feeling of a carpet at the same time  as you garded the house towards flares from the fire.

Opening up for the season on 14th of May

In connection with Öppet Gotland we will open our new showroom on Thursday 14th May at 12:00. It is filled with new exciting furniture as well as other design items. During the period 14 May – 21 June we will be opened Fridays-Sundays 12-17. During the period 24 June – 9 August we will be opened Wednesdays-Sundays 12-17. Welcome!