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Antique Fair Älvsjö Sweden 2015

For the 4th year in a row we will participate in the Antique fair in Älvsjö, Stockholm between 12-15 February. We are placed in our usual stand C05:54 (behind Zimmerdahl) and will present an exciting exhibition of furniture, art and smaller things. Here is a picture of last year´s exhibition. Welcome!


Futuro in Paris

In October we visited Paris, France for a combined study and purchase trip. Among other things we visited the large flea market in St. Ouen in north Paris. The Puces in St. Ouen is an old industrial area consisting of several blocks where antique dealers, design shops and flea stands have gathered. Here you can find anything from the most expensive Louise XVI furniture and Scandinavian design furniture to glass beads which you buy by weight to make your own bijouteri. There must be several hundred shops and boots spread over different blocks, streets and malls.

Any lasting impression? Firstly, it is expensive. This is not the place where you make your Antique´s Road Show bargain. Secondly, all Scandinavian tables and furniture from the 50´s and 60´s are laquered according to French tradition.

Most fun was that we found Matti Suuronen´s Futuro home in the Marché Dauphine mall. It was furnished with Verner Panton furniture among others. Here are some pictures of it.

Futuro Marché Dauphine        DSC01609         futuro