Large stoneware vase of Stig Lindberg

Large stoneware vase by Stig Lindberg. It was produced before 1943 when Gustavsberg established their Studio and started to use the famous studio-hand when signing the objects. In May 1941 Lindberg had an exhibition in the Gustavsberg shop in central Stockholm together with Berndt Friberg and Calle Blomqvist, where he presented heavy stoneware vases and surrealistic figurines. Maybe this vase is from that exhibition. Glazed with a dark blue glaze and the motif is African with native africans, a donkey and a bird. Provinience: Collection Jonason

Designer: Stig Lindberg
Maker: Gustavsberg, Sweden
Year: 1937-1943
Condition: Excellent
Size: 36,1 cm

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