Lithography by Sven Jonson

Lithography by Swedish artist Sven Jonson (1902-1981). Nattlig promenad (Night walk). Signed and numbered – Sven Jonson 249/360.

Sven Jonson was a Swedish artist born in Halmstad. After studies in Paris for Otte Sköld at Academie Scandinave his artistry gained pace. Back in Sweden he started the group The Young with Esaias Thorén and with Axel Olson as teacher. Together the three started The Halmstad Group in 1929. Early on he painted landscapes in a yellow and brown colorite but later on he painted surrealistic tableaus representing his dream worlds.

Artist: Sven Jonson
Editor: Unknown
Condition: Very good
Size: 60 x 90 cm (84 x 112 with frame)

Price: 5 500 SEK