A presentation - Jessica Lindgren Wu

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Born in Visby, Jessica Lindgren-Wu first trained and worked as a dancer. Went over to photography after studying at famous Central St. Martin’s School of Art in London.
Jessica has worked with the entire field of photography. Besides working on her own creative visions in her artistic photography she has done documentary, commercial, wedding and event photography.
After 20 years in London, Jessica moved back to Gotland with her family in 2019. After participating in a number of group exhibitions in different countries, Transience is her first solo exhibition.

In her photos Jessica explores the world of the child. A child's imagination develops before the intellect because the child needs to use real experiences to connect the abstract with the concrete. To touch and to move are two important ingredients when exploring the world and constructing ones identity. In a world of play and fantasy, the child explores the world of make believe and grows.
Jessica's photo documents this world of trial and development. She tenderly captures moments, events and emotions. The child's development - the short-lived and transient time of childhood. Transience.