Charlottenborg pendant, 6 1/2-6, by Sophus Frandsen & Ebbe Christensen, Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen

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Poul Henningsen created the three-shade system back in 1925-1926 in collaboration with Louis Poulsen. In 1931 the four-shade system was launched to create lamps that could be mounted high up and act as alternatives to the often-used chandeliers. This was taken from the Louis Poulsen standard assortment in the 1940s, but was redesigned in 1979 by two Danish architects - Sophus Frandsen and Ebbe Christensen - for the exhibition building Charlottenborg in Copenhagen, just in a bigger size: the PH 6 ½/6.

Designer: Poul Henningsen, Sophus Frandsen and Ebbe Christensen
Maker: Louis Poulsen, Denmark
Conditi0n: Excellent
Size: 65 cm (width), 50 cm (height)

Price: 11 800 SEK

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