Joakim Allgulander - A presentation and CV

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Born 1965 in Stockholm. Lives and work in London since 2013. Educated at the National College of the Arts and Crafts, Stockholm and at Uppsala University/Visby. Today an international artist that exhibits all over the world.

Joakim Allgullander is one of Sweden's best known contemporary artists with art that arouses emotion and curiosity. His ability to capture human nature is reflected in the artwork.
- "Art is not only interesting and intellectually understandable, but also arouses curiosity, perhaps not a direct desire but at least a desire to reach the world in the picture, to be uncompromisingly captured by one's own imagination."

Joakim Allgulander’s oeuvre is characterised by a conceptual base, combined with the skill of craft and a passion for the process of creating. His work demonstrates a curiosity and desire to explore different media and techniques. There is existential content and a dynamic play with contrasts throughout Allgulander’s work.

There is a duality that reverberates through his works. In Allgulander´s work 'Before and After' two figures can be seen running and joyfully making their entrance into the water. At the bottom of the image field, their reflections turn into a blurry snapshot in sepia - A nostalgic memory fragment from a past picture of two cheerful boys? The reflection in the water invites the idea of the couple's lost childhood. A virtuoso's ingenuity explained in what seems at first seemingly simple.