Torbjörn Limé - A presentation

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Torbjörn Limé was born in the city of Trollhättan in 1963 and is a resident of Visby since 2009. He is educated at The Royal School of Arts in Stockholm. He also served as headmaster for the Gotland Art School between 2009-2016.

His art medium is oil paintings where his themes commutes between organic abstractions and documentary references. Emphasizing color, form, illusion and perception, his artistic process unites issues that affects contemporary social and economic structures.

It is about the vulnerability of nature and the individual´s relationship to the surrounding society. In his visual world, layers of meanings are gathered that speak to the viewer based on various existential aspects of being human.

Torbjörn has been exhibiting nationally and internationally over the past 30 years. Among which can be mentioned galleries in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe, Tomelilla konsthall, Gotland Art Museum, Louisiana Art Museum Denmark, galleries across the UK and Germany and many more.